Outdoor education


We understand outdoor education as teaching that takes place outdoors on a long-term and regular basis, it is connected to the pupil's personal reality, has coherent educational objectives, content and conditions for learning, and is linked to school in terms of curriculum and organisation. 

Basic characteristics of outdoor learning:

  • takes place largely outdoors,
  • the outdoor environment is a medium for learning (not just a learning environment) and includes nature and the community of people,
  • it is a learning process managed jointly by both teacher and pupil, with the teacher as a guide and facilitator in the search for and discovery of understanding context,
  • it achieves educational objectives
  • it is learning in which the pupil actively learns and develops all the components of their personality (cognitive, affective and psycho-motoric), but not necessarily all at the same time,
  • it is linked to the school curriculum.

One of the goals of the Long-term EVVO Programmes for Schools and Educators project is to extend the www.venkovnivyuka.cz website with a high-quality online methodological environment that would serve as a means for teachers and students to commission and implement educational activities, as well as to share the results of research activities between schools.

The second goal of the project is to support the promotion of Outdoor Education through workshops, webinars, an Outdoor Education Summer School and methodological guidance for the first 150 teachers and their pupils in The Czech Republic.


The project was supported by the State Environmental Fund of the Czech Republic.

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